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Why Us ?

Our teaching methods consist of various perspectives and real worlds scenarios and application. We strive to expand the knowledge of students all over Malaysia through online classes.


Centre Milestone

Started tuition from home with 10 students, and then word spread on our tutoring methods and skills. Number of students became too much to just teach from home, thus Pusat Tuisyen Minda Saintis was founded and has tutored and nourished over 3000 students just from our local areas throughout the years.

How We Got Started

Mr Murali was an Engineer at the time and was working at a company called NEC. He would work there from 9 A.M to 5 P.M, and after coming back from work, he would tutor children who was going to sit for the SPM examination. Initially he was willing to continue his job, but eventually he found more passion in tutoring children because it felt as though it was a natural talent for him. So then, he and his wife, Mrs. Vanishree organised a schedule to separate the number of subjects being thought so that the thinking mechanics of a subject and the memorising mechanics of a subject could be distributed in an evenly fashion to make it as efficient as possible.


Our Mission is to touch as many students lives as possible to ensure their learning experience should be in benefit to them in every possible way.


Our Vision is to ensure students learning something new is supposed to be interesting and understandable in the most uncomplicated way possible.






Mr. Murali and Mrs. Vanishree


Mrs. Parimala

Technical Support

Mr. Yudhishtra

*Friendly administrators whom will provide you with all the information about PTMS and also notify you about your monthly payment records,  attendance, postponed classes and etc.

Form 1 to 3

  • Science & Mathematics

Form 4 & 5

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Additional Mathematics







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